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How to maintain a heat pump?

A heat pump is a great investment for your home, as it’s a great way to heat your home in colder months, and cool it in hot ones. Your heat pump operates by exchanging heat and distributing air, thus it requires good maintenance to avoid water and floating debris collection, and most of all, mold contamination.

It is simple to maintain a heat pump!

It is easier than you think to maintain a heat pump! Here are a few things you could do yourself:
– Change the central heat pump filters regularly: for the filters 1 inch thick – every month, 2 inches – 2-3 months, 4 inches thick – 4 months, 5 inches thick – every 6 months
– For wall-mounted heat pumps, wash the filters with cold or lukewarm water once per month of use
– Clean the outer condenser, the part that looks like a radiator after the pollen season, with the garden gun only, at a 45 degree downward angle. Make sure to always use a downward angle and not upward angle.
– Clean the drain, sometimes the pieces are detachable to facilitate cleaning. If it is the case, undo the P-trap, clean it with hot water until there is no more dirt in it, make sure they leave water in it when they reinstall it.

These steps help keep your heat pump clean and efficient. However, we still recommend to have it deep clean and checked by the professionals along with your regular cleaning. At Rosemere Climatistion Chauffage, we can make sure that your heat pump is at the top condition for increased comfort, efficiency, and energy savings.
– We check the pressures, check if the outdoor coil is dirty, we clean it as needed. We check the filters, we check the electrical connections, we clean the drain.
– For central units, we recommend having the ventilation ducts cleaned every 5 years
– For the murals, we advise you to do a complete deep cleaning every 3 years

Contact us today to have your heat pump checked! We are happy to serve you!