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Sharp Multi Zone Heat Pumps M20TU

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SHARP’s Multi-Zone System may be the best solution if you are looking for a balance between available space and your financial resources. This innovative concept allows you to combine two indoor units depending on the layout of the rooms in your home.
State-of-the-art air conditioners incorporated with Japanese technological precision with an elegant design that will enhance any room in the house. Unique airflow control that sends hot or cold air to any room you want for quick and easy comfort. A variety of finely controlled functions to keep the room at the temperature you want. Sharp Plasmacluster’s unique technology goes far beyond just filling the room with hot or cold air, it deeply purifies and cleans the air quality from corner to corner. Specifications and operational settings have also been optimized for North American household conditions.

Plasmacluster technology

SHARP’s unique Plasmacluster technology neutralizes airborne bacteria and viruses, deactivates and removes airborne molds and other contaminants.

Benefits of Plasmacluster

Suppresses the activity of suspended viruses
Suppresses the activity of airborne microbes
Is effective throughout the year
Deactivates and removes airborne allergens, dead mites and their faeces
Disables and removes lingering odors (like tobacco smoke)
Removes static electricity which attracts suspended particles
Effectively combats adherent and suspended mold

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