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Haxxair HAH-B2D and HAH-T2D wall-mounted heat pump

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Superior quality & a solid guarantee
HAXXAIR heat pumps incorporate advanced high precision as well as a sober design that will enhance any room in the house. Specifications and operational tuning are designed to optimally adapt to North American home conditions.
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a premium HAXXAIR product, backed by a strong warranty that protects your investment and applies to all popular models in Canada.
Characteristic :
FROM 12,000 BTU TO 36,000 BTU
Japanese quality high efficiency rotary compressor
The design of the rotary inverter compressor reduces friction during operation for smoother rotation with less vibration, while preventing refrigerant gas leakage during compression. The result is a much quieter and more efficient air conditioner.

Designed for harsh winters
Haxxair heat pumps are fully equipped with a heating element in the outdoor unit’s condensation pan, to prevent ice and snow build-up and then promote flow through the drainage holes.
Haxxair heat pumps are also fully equipped with energy efficient protection, which kicks in when the outside temperature reaches -23 ° C for B-SERIES units and -25 ° C for T-SERIES units.

5 fan speed levelsr
Five fan speed levels are available to reduce fan noise at low speeds, provide a feeling of comfort and more precise air volume control with stable cooling output.